We are searching for a part-time team member at Jinkies who is self-motivated, dependable, and can keep a neat workspace to give customers a one-of-a-kind experience. We are interested in someone who wants to work in an upbeat environment and serve the local community. Must be available to work year-round. We are looking for a team member with a flexible schedule who can work both weekday and weekend shifts. 1-year Barista experience preferred.

Job Responsibilities include but not limited to:

-Acts with integrity, honesty, and knowledge that promote the culture and values of Jinkies.

-Have a passion for coffee.

-Prepare the store for opening by dialing in the espresso machine, stocking the pastry case, and preparing the customer seating area.

-Have extensive knowledge of our menu to prepare drinks unassisted.

-Prep drinks, pull shots and put together drinks in a timely manner.

-Be attentive to customer needs throughout their coffee experience.

-Cleaning, restocking, sanitizing work, and dining areas.

-Maintain a clean and tidy workspace.

-Work with other team members to create a team-orientated. environment.

-The ability to multitask.

-Have a flexible schedule.

-Be willing to go above expectations to ensure customers have a great experience.

To apply, please download this application and fill it out, and send it to jinkiescoffeeandhangout@gmail.com

High school students applying, please take into account our required availability before submitting your application! Part-time team members will be required to work certain weekdays and weekends. Be sure this will fit your schedule! If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email :)