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What Is the Job of Jinkies! Manager?

The job of a coffee shop manager is to oversee and manage day-to-day operations at the shop. 

Your responsibilities include but aren’t limited to:

-Maintain the proper inventory

-Oversee operations & employees

-Monitor daily expenses & inventory usage 

-Ensure overall cleanliness & tidiness of the shop

-Schedule employees for shifts

-Monitor employee performance

-Resolve employee conflicts

-Train and onboard new baristas or cashiers

-Advise staff on best ways to resolve issues with customers while delivering excellent customer service

-Meet regularly with the shop owner/s

-Perform basic barista duties, including brewing coffee, grinding beans, stocking cups/condiment station, stocking & monitoring the pastry case, making espresso drinks and assisting at the register

-Help prepare shop & employees for menu changes

-Assist in coordinating and running special events


What Skills Does a Successful Coffee Shop Manager Have?

A successful coffee shop manager needs to have many skills to carry out their duties. You need to have:

-Good leadership qualities. This includes delegating tasks, assigning employees to specific shifts and ensuring the shop is operating smoothly. Motivating and inspiring their team to do their best work

-Strong Communication. As a coffee shop manager, you need to communicate with customers and employees. Your ability to communicate effectively can help you lead a team, resolve customer issues and improve your business operations.

-Be observant and quick to respond to all customer complaints and shop needs 

-Organization. This allows coffee shop managers to keep track of employee schedules and inventory. 

-Problem-solving. As a manager you may be responsible for resolving customer complaints, employee issues and other problems that arise. Your ability to solve problems can help you maintain a positive work environment.

-Willingness to learn about coffee shop operations. 

You also need to be comfortable performing administrative assistance.

Hours: Minimum of 40 hours a week required. Must be able to work Saturdays. 

Pay: Salary pay + paid vaction, paid sick time & more.

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