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  • Do you offer dairy alternatvies?
    Yes! We have oat, almond and soy milk available daily.
  • Are you Scooby-Doo themed?
    While we do love Scooby-Doo, nope! Although our name comes from one of our favorite shows we are not a "themed" shop. Simply inspired by all things 70's!
  • Do you offer gluten free options?
    We offer a range of gluten free cookies (while supplies last) and gluten free syrup options!
  • Can I purchase pastries in bulk?
    Nope. We are not a bakery and offer our pastries to compliment our beverages.
  • Do you have matcha?
    We do not currently offer matcha but offer a variety of other tea options!
  • Where do you get your coffee from?
    Our amazing local caffiene dealer is Blip Roasters located in the West Bottoms KC.
  • Are you a franchise?
    Nope, we are the one-and-only! Local and female owned and operated.
  • Can I host an event after hours at your shop?
    We currently do not offer to hold private events during or after hours.
  • Are you hiring?
    Yes! We are always looking for amazing and groovy people to join our A-Team!
  • What pastries do you sell?
    It changes day to day depending on supply and demand. But you can always count on muffins, danishes, a range of cookies, energy balls, bagels and more to be available daily!
  • How do you create your 'Limited Edition Specials'?
    They are created by the two owners! Lots of taste testing goes into each drink to ensure it is perfect for our customers. We strive to find the balance between coffee and sweetness. If you've had one of the limited edition specials then you know how well the syrups and coffee compliment each other. They are never overly sweet although they may look that way :)
  • What is this famous cookie dough latte I keep hearing about?
    One of our signature drinks since day 1! The perfect blend of sugar cookie, coffee and a secret house sauce make this creamy goodness of a latte. It is a must try for all Jinkies customers!
  • What low calorie drinks do you offer?
    We suggest a black drip coffee or any of our teas!
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