Jinkies! Coffee and Hangout is a product of a mother-daughter duo who love all things 70’s and providing a unique environment that allows people to enjoy being in the moment. Lisa and Madi teamed up to create a space where you can sip your coffee in a place like you've never seen before. Serving locally roasted coffee, they serve traditional coffee drinks along with signature drinks & seasonal specials, that just like the decor, can't be found anywhere else. Lisa also bakes pastries fresh each day, including her gourmet sugar cookies and pop-tarts!

Get to know the duo more & check out their favorites from the 1970's




TV Show: Dallas

Movie: Animal House

Band: tie between AC/DC and Aerosmith 

Song: Ballroom Blitz

Fashion Trend: Clogs

Activity: Roller Skating

Saying: He's Such a Fox

TV Show: That 70's

Show (although it was

made in the 90's :))

Movie: Halloween

Band: Aerosmith

Song: Jukebox Hero,

Stairway to Heaven

Fashion Trend: Bell Bottoms

Activity: Fondue Parties

Saying: Far Out Man

Located in southern Overland Park, Jinkies! is dedicated to serving not only our community but those who come from all around and provide a funky and inclusive space.